Manning Park hike at the three brothers with a group of women. Captured by Maylies Lang Photography from the Okanagan.

Cross country skiing on Echo Lake in the winter while it was frozen. Okanagan wedding photographer.

I am?

Curious about


I’ve been told I am genuine, honest and energetic. With a blend of curiosity, being efficient and adventurous.

Hey! I’m Maylies, like “my-lease”. It’s a Swedish name and no, I’ve never met anyone with the same name. (I get this question a lot!) My parents moved from Germany to Canada in 1990, settling down outside of Lumby, BC in the Okanagan. I was lucky to grow up speaking German, which I am trying to pass on to Bruno. Daniel and I moved from Vancouver B.C. to the farm in the Fall of 2019. My time in the city was amazing, but I felt like I needed a change and being closer to family has been wonderful. I’ve learned a lot about what the Okanagan has to offer, which has been a beautiful new perspective compared to when I grew up here.

Well I can tell you for certain how things have changed since we moved. We now have a cat named Bella, and Safa, our pup who is a sucker for all the cuddles. A little one, Bruno, who is almost 2 and another on the way this spring! Naturally things have adjusted to meet the needs with this beautiful chapter in my life. That being said overall even with all of these additions I wouldn’t say much has changed with who I am and what I love to do. I am still full of life, creative, typical practical me and up for an adventure whatever it may be.

Okanagan wedding photographer hugging one of her brides at Mabel Lake Hall in Lumby B.C.

Tree planting in Princeton B.C. Okanagan wedding photographer

West vancouver sailing. A sunset photo of a portrait sitting on the boat out on the ocean.



Random tidbits.

My Roots.

I planted for 5 years in the South Okanagan and the Kootneys, which is where Daniel and I met in 2016!

Forgetting an english word. I will stop in the middle of a sentence to search my brain for it.

The happiness I feel from flowers and the simple things in life. Like being on a mountain top, seeing a big body of water or Bruno’s giggles and the twinkle in his eyes. These are moments that make my heart jump with joy.

I grew up on my parent’s organic farm and I feel like that is where I get some of my inspiration and my can-do-it-yourself mindset. It taught me to slow down and to enjoy the small things. I’m a person that appreciates milling my own flour, canning fruit, freezing berries and vegetables. I love projects, finding something that inspires me and attempting to make it myself is satisfying. When I look around our home, I see so many projects that I am proud of and appreciate the imperfections, knowing I did them with my own hands.

Family session in Lumby B.C. Father with son and dog on the couch cuddling. Captured by Maylies Lang Photography who is based in the Okanagan as a wedding photographer.

Walking on the beach in Sayulita Mexico during sunset.



2023 dreams.

my loves.

In my family, we show our love by making food for each other or going on a little adventure. So it’s no surprise that I love cooking for my friends. I’m all about bringing people together with food, outdoor adventures, games (currently enjoying Splendour, Codenames, and Dixit), and sharing books that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Sewing, swimming in the river, film photography, hiking and growing a garden are a few other loves of mine.

Daniel and I have never flown somewhere together, despite having done lots of road trips. Hoping this Fall we can go visit friends/family in Austria, Germany, and France in September 2023! Maybe squeeze in Portugal?

THAT would be amazing. Keeping fingers crossed.

A new thing I'm learning is pottery. I'm enjoying the challenge of starting with a lump of clay and creating a new piece of art that we get to use every day in our home.

One thing I am truly missing in my life is downhill skiing. I am hoping to pass on this love of mine to Bruno this Winter.

Dolan Creek Farm wedding in Salmon Arm B.C. Bride and groom laughing together on a large green field. Captured by Maylies Lang Photography.

Vietnamese wedding with traditional dress for the morning tea. The harvest golf club wedding in Kelowna.

What do I love about photography?

A same sex couple kissing in the forest on their wedding day in North Vancouver. Maylies Lang photography capturing an intimate moment between the two of them.

The first thing that constantly pop into my mind is. The people. I love meeting folks, being in different cultures, environment and creating memories for them.

So why photography?

Okanagan wedding photographer, Maylies Lang documenting a wedding at Shawnigan Lake School. The couple is dancing with guest surrounding them.

Well, after high school, when I was in the Alps working as a shepherd (you can take the girl off the farm, but you can’t take her love of animals), I started making lists of what I wanted to do. Photography was consistently #1 on the list! And that’s when I stopped thinking of photography as a hobby and started thinking of it as something I could do professionally. So I applied to the Vancouver Institute of Media Arts and moved to Vancouver, BC to learn the skills I needed to make it happen.

"You're calm and relaxed, especially during getting ready when nerves are high, and because you have such a big presence, your calmness makes other people feel better too. But at the same time, you have such a bright energy that you bring that doesn't get overwhelming.

You have a way of being so sneaky, in the best way possible, and getting pictures from angles that you wouldn't suspect. And you're there and present, but you never take over the room and you leave people to do their thing and have their emotions, all while capturing them so beautifully."

- Esther Mabel Lake Hall | Lumby B.C.

The Photo Experience

Personally, I love looking back at my own photos and having those moments to cherish forever. To remember the laugh, cry, smells and emotions I find photos help me so much. Even now when I look back at photos from a year ago or from when I was little, it triggers my memories and brings them back to life. And what’s better than the silly, fun, and beautiful moments of connection that happen at a wedding? You tell me.

The rush of energy I I get documenting you day, meeting your guest and documenting your raw memories fills my cup up so much. I don’t know how else to express it. When it comes to your special day, I want to feel like a friend. I want to get to know you because we’re going to be spending a lot of time together, especially on your big day. We’ll plan, we’ll share our ideas, we’ll laugh and work through all the brainstorming together.

Why Wedding Photography?

That's Easy.

It's for The memories.

I want you to remember all the feelings and moments of your day. Collaborating together is what I love to do to document these experiences.

Bride and groom walking on ranch with horses and cows in the background. Williams Lake Wedding.

Okie Dokie!


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