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I was prompted to write this review this evening sitting on the couch with my one-year-old. He grabbed one of the photos we keep framed from our wedding three summers ago. It's a stunning shot of my parents and I - them looking at me, facing camera, me turned backward, looking at them, all of us with so much love. My little guy loves looking at it, pointing at their faces and babbling an approximation of "grandpa." I will always treasure this photo - as well as dozens of others Maylies shot that day. I'm so grateful to her for capturing such poignant moments between my husband and I, as well as our family and friends, that we can now share with our son. She was incredibly professional, yet totally down to earth, flitting about and seamlessly blending in with guests, snapping dance floor photos that still make me smile. We love them all.All this is to say, Maylies is a whiz at what she does, and I highly recommend her!

Ivy + Andrew - Cherryville B.C. - Backyard Wedding

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