Here’s what I do to make sure your day rocks.

First things first, I want you to have a photographer that you vibe with and who is going to be able to give you what you’re looking for. I’d like to think that’s me but if it isn’t, that’s OK too. At the end of the day, I want you to have the best day—and I hope that I get to be a part of it.
So, here’s what working with me looks like:

Step 1: Your Tell-All Questionnaire

If you think we’d be a good fit, the first thing you need to do is fill out my questionnaire of super skill-testing questions. Just kidding (about the super skill-testing part). This is where I’ll get to know you for the first time so no amount of details is too many details.

Step 2: The Fun Begins!

Depending on what’s easiest for you, we’ll hop on a call or practice our email pen pal skills. We’ll exchange details (via a contract) and I’ll connect you to your online hub. This is where I’ll keep copies of our communication and any other details that we exchange. I love having it all in one place so it’s easy for you and me to access. Once I receive your signed contract and your 30% non-refundable retainer, it’s official—your date is saved. Let the ideas start flowing!

Step 3: Time to Make a Plan

We create a timeline for your day together, so when it comes to the big day we all know where we need to be with zero stress. We’ll start high level but as we get closer and closer to your wedding day, we’ll start dialling in on details.

We’ll also create a shotlist together, which is basically photographer speak for my day-of to-do list. This will be my direction on your wedding day so I know what family and friend shots you absolutely can’t live without. The golden rule of this phase is simple: if you ever have a question or a concern, reach out! I honestly care about your day so I will do everything I can to make it the best day of your life.

Step 4: I Become Your New Shadow

Ok, maybe not quite but pretty close. What I’m trying to say is that, on your wedding day, we’ll be spending lots of time together, capturing photos of you and your loved ones, just like we planned. Plus I promise I’ll surprise you with some of the most beautiful candid moments that you might’ve missed.

Step 5: The Reveal

This is the part where you get your full, online gallery of images from your big day, professionally edited by moi. You can expect beautiful, bright, fun romantic memories of your special moment. I’ll send you a sneak peek two weeks after your big day, then the full shebang after eight weeks.

I like to think I’m pretty awesome. But don’t just take my word for it!

Take a read through all the lovely things past clients have had to say about working with me.








Now, I know you may still have some questions. Here’s what I get asked most often:

Where are you located?

Currently, I am based in Vancouver, BC. In Fall 2019, I’ll be moving to the Okanagan. But don’t let that stop you from reaching out! I’m always game for a roadtrip or travel. Let’s chat!

Do we get to meet you before we book you?

I leave that up to you. I love meeting my clients because I think getting to know each other will help us work better together. For that reason, I do meet with most of my clients. And, if we live further apart, I’m always happy to arrange a FaceTime or phone call.

What if one of us isn’t a fan of photos—is that okay?

You aren’t the only one out there! Lots of people aren’t comfortable in front of the camera. That’s where I come in! I promise to make it fun (yes, fun) and help you with posing and facial expressions. Sometimes things work naturally and sometimes I’ll guide you—it may feel weird at first, but awesome photos come from it. Trust me (or check out my portfolio)

Do we get the RAW files?

No, sorry, you don’t. What you do get is professionally edited high-resolution files from yours truly! Remember, you’re hiring me for my editing style and expertise (along with my dazzling wit and sparkling personality).

Do you backup our photos?

One hundred percent, absolutely, no doubt about it, YES.

Okay, let’s get real—why should we hire you as our wedding photographer?

Well, you’ve made it this far, so I’ve got to assume that we’re either vibing a little or you like my work. I truly care about you and making this a day to remember. I want you to love your photos and be excited to share them with your family and friends. I want us to be able to laugh and have a good time together on your wedding day—that’s the secret ingredient for the best photos. So if all of that sounds good to you, what are you waiting for?! Send me an inquiry form and let’s get talking.

What are you waiting for?